What makes a good confidential paper shredding console?


Apart from obviously ours here are a few things that are important.


They need to be strong as we know in the real world that customers will put items on top of them such as printers, files and so on and these weights will be there for a long time. We only use 18mm wood as we know through years of experience that is the thickness required.


Ready assembled by professionals – flat packed is not an ideal option as they are security cabinets and if they are easy to assemble they will be easy to take apart can you imagine a flat packed safe or ATM machine! Ours are not easy to assemble for that very reason! We feel this is a very important point and often over looked.


What guarantee are you getting? I know I would want a guarantee and ours is 5 years. Never a week goes by and we are replacing something – not usually as the unit has had a fault but something happens to them. This week a broken key in a lock, lost keys and so on. We never charge for this but how would you get on with other suppliers who import from Far East?


Choice of colours and finishes is important why stick to grey? Why not have a colour that matches your office furniture or company colours! 


We manufacture shredding console sacks and our machinists make a lovely job however we do know that customers will over fill the units or drivers will drag the sacks along floors and pavements. The sacks are actually not designed for this but we will replace them if any are damaged in this way!


Imported consoles invariably do not meet any of the above standards and as you might expect we are offered them at least once a week as in fairness to these exporters they realise that we could buy them by the container load. To date we have never bought any and will almost certainly never do but in come the samples we laugh at the poor level of manufacture and normally set fire to them to see if they pass the strict rules on supplying office furniture which invariably they do not!


Wheelie bins versus shredding consoles – we are often asked our opinion and we think it is horses for courses – wheelie bins are useful from a capacity point of view but not pleasing on the eye in an office environment. You also need to bear in mind that wheelie bins are on wheels and need to be secure.